About the company

Linox solutions, d.o.o.

The LINOX SOLUTION company is founded on a 20-year-long family tradition.

LINOX SOLUTION has a modern production for serial or unique production of technological and processing stainless steel equipment. The core activities of the company are development, manufacturing and sale of equipment for the following industries:

  • Food industry
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Custom-made products

We work with modern technology for welding, bending, cutting, punching and processing of stainless steel. Based on the clients’ requirements, we manufacture and supply the dispensing, mixing, heating, pressure and other processing containers, various drums, tanks, cisterns and other structures.

The Vision

The company is focused on achieving its vision, i.e. high-tech production by employing own developing and engineering team, and with its high quality production it offers comprehensive technological solutions to the customer on the demanding European market.


To ensure the best quality of the products, we follow the ISO quality standard system and employ experienced workers in the stainless steel programme. We employ certified welders in accordance with the EN ISO 3834-2 welding standard and an IS IWS international welding specialist.


The company’s product quality is confirmed by the following certificates: SIST EN ISO 3834-2, AD 2000 Regelwerk HP 0, EN 13480, EN 13445
Welders are certified at the Welding Institute: SIST EN ISO 9606-1, AD 2000 Merkblatt HP3, SIST EN ISO 14732, AD 2000 Merkblatt HP3.
In production of pressure wessels we follow the guidelines of the pressure directive PED 2014/68/E.
All the incorporated materials are certified. Our products are accompanied by the relevant technical documents and required certificates.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Responsibility towards the employees

We provide a healthy working environment and good working conditions. We encourage our employees to pursue continuous education and professional training. We encourage inventiveness, professionalism and personal growth.

Responsibility towards our business partners

Our business partners are our responsibility. Our relationship with suppliers and customers is developed long-term, we build partnerships.

Responsibility towards the natural environment

We comply with legal regulations in the field of environmental protection. In all the technological proceedings during the production process we keep a high level of environmental awareness, which is taken into consideration by all the employees.

Responsibility towards the social environment

The company and its employees take an active part in the social environment in different ways (charity, sports, environmental preservation activities). The company supports humanitarian events and actions.

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Company Identity Card

Registration date: 19.01.2017
  Okrožno sodišče v  Murski Soboti, opr.št. 2017/2300
Full name: LINOX SOLUTION, tovarna tehnološke opreme d.o.o.
Short name: LINOX SOLUTION d.o.o.
Head office: Kolodvorska 43, Lendava
Identification no.: 7216289000
VAT ID: SI68309678
Main activity: 25.290 Proizvodnja drugih kovinskih rezervoarjev in cistern
Share capital: 30.000,00 EUR
Founders: ARTEX, tovarna skladiščne opreme d.o.o., 100%
TRR: SI56 0488 1000 3141 185 (NKBM d.d.)
Bank SWIFT: KBMASI2XXXX  - Nova KBM d.d.



The LINOX SOLUTION company is wholly privately owned. It is a subsidiary of Artex , tovarna skladiščne opreme d.o.o., which has been successfully operating on the European market since 1999, employing 60 high-qualified workers and having a team of experienced university mechanical engineer graduates.