Profile and pipe bending

Profile and pipe bending

For bending larger profiles and pipes, we use a machine with universal rollers, which allows for easier bending of different profiles. With the increased cylinder diameters, we achieve minimal bending, which causes smaller deformations. Durability and high bending moment can be achieved with the help of large bearings.

The 3-roller machine reduces material slippage during the bending process. The two lower rollers are hydraulically driven and can move independently of each other. Therefore, in contrast to machines with a drive on the upper roller, we can perform the pre-bending process on both edges. The side supports can be moved in three directions to reduce deformations and facilitate bending operations, especially for corners and spirals.

We offer circular profile bending services:

  • Flat steel
  • T, I, H, U profiles

We offer circular pipe bending services: 

  • Pipes round
  • Pipes square
  • Pipes rectangular

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